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1. Kiss And Tell
2. I Won't Apologize
3. Falling Down
4. I Promise You
5. Naturally
6. Crush
7. The Way I Loved You
8. ... More
9. As A Blonde
10. I Don't Miss You At All
11. Stop And Erase
12. I Got U
13. Tell Me Something I Don
't Know

Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie Soundtrack (2009)


1. Disappear-Selena Gomez
2. Magical-Selena Gomez
3. Magic (Pilot)-Selena Gomez
4. Strange Magic-Steve Rushton
5. Magic (The Cars)-Honor Society
6. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic-Mitchel Musso
7. Magic Carpet Ride-KSM
8. Magic (Xanadu)-Meaghan Martin
9. You Can Do Magic-Drew Seeley
10. Some Call It Magic-Raven-Symoné
11. Do You Believe in Magic-Aly & AJ
12. Everything Is Not As It Seems-Selena Gomez


 Another Cinderella Story Soundtrack (2008) 


1. "Tell Me Something I Don't Know"-Selena Gomez 
2. "New Classic"-Drew Seeley és Selena Gomez
3. "Hurry Up & Save Me"-Tiffany Giardina
4. "Just That Girl"-Drew Seeley
5. "Bang A Drum"-Selena Gomez
6. "1st Class Girl"-Marcus Paulk Drew Seeley
7. "Hold 4 You"-Jane Lynch
8. "Valentine's Dance Tango"-The Twins
9. "No Average Angel"-Tiffany Giardina
10. "Don't Be Shy"-Small Change, Lil' JJ, Chani
11. "X-Plain it to My Heart"-Drew Seeley
12. "New Classic (Live)"-Drew Seeley, Selena Gomez
13. "Another Cinderella Story (Score Suite)"-  John Paesano
14. "New Classic (Acoustic Version)"-DrewSeeley


A Year Without Rain


1.“Round & Round” 

2.“A Year Without Rain”

3.“Rock God”

4.“Off the Chain”

5.“Summer’s Not Hot”



8.“Ghost of You” 

9.“Sick of You”

10.“Live Like There’s No Tomorrow”